Every guest bathroom can be uniquely beautiful

You can make your guest bathroom look larger and more inviting:

  • With light and mirrors, you can transform small corners of the room into visually impressive features.
  • Illuminated niches and walls help reduce the sense of narrowness.
  • Well-positioned mirrors break up high walls and capture light to give a sense of greater width.
  • Reduced projections and product dimensions provide valuable extra centimetres of room to move around in.
  • Special built-in and corner solutions are a clever way to make the best out of small space.

Intelligent use of space

Modern guest WC concepts are developed to optimise space:

  • Washbasins and hand-rinse basins can provide practical shelf space.
  • Reduced product dimensions, as well as special built-in and corner solutions, provide valuable extra centimetres.
  • An extensive choice of bathroom furniture can provide an large amount of storage space and comfort.